Barbara Lee George

Elliot Lloyd

Barbara’s passionate commitment for the arts and our global diversity came together in her 1990 Earth Day Anthem and children’s book.

The Anthem begins with the familiar melody of the BIG BEN CHIMES – to say, “The time is now!”

The lyrics start with a pledge:

“I start this day a brand new way,
a guardian of the earth and sky above.
My life given to what I can be proud of, a symbol of my everlasting love.

Chorus: Think Globally Act Locally
The Earth Belongs to You”

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Barbara Lee George began her musical career playing rhythm guitar and singing harmony vocals with Bob McKay, Gary Gogerty, Sam Favata and The Bush Brothers (Gary & Roger Terbush), covering such bands as the Eagles, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Jackson Brown, Pure Prairie League.

Barbara was then asked by Elliot Lloyd to join his band, The Little Elliot Lloyd Band which during Barbara’s time, warmed up for Sam and Dave, Dr. John and Foghat at The Last Chance in Poughkeepsie. On 2/15/15, more than 20 years after his passing, Little Elliot Lloyd was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame.

Barbara later formed her own band to cover her original songs and played to sold out venues in New York’s Hudson Valley region eventually migrating to Manhattan where they got the attention of every major label; Columbia, Arista, Universal, Paramount and Sony. But when Barbara was offered the opportunity to work with world class producer, Thomas Jefferson Kaye, for a newly formed label, Hudson Canyon Records, who also touted distribution with Universal. This sounded like a dream come true and so she signed. Unbeknownst to Tommy Kaye, this indy label was already in financial trouble and three months into their project the recording studio, which had not received any payments, decided to lock up and hold Barbara’s tapes and guitars.

Eventually a year later with a court order Hudson Canyon Records was forced to surrender Barbara’s tapes, guitars and publishing rights.

After this horrific experience Barbara decided it would be wiser to proceed under her own label, Hound and Horse Music/Records with the engineering and production leadership of bassist and long time friend, Even Steven Levee, at his Manhattan i-Potato recording studio.

Six of Barbara’s original tracks were remixed and mastered along with four new cuts. 

Barbara Lee George CD now available through Hound & Horse Records.